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It all started one evening when my girlfriend said she wanted to sip on a cocktail while cooking dinner, but was really trying to not drink anything with alcohol. That had become her routine,

cook us dinner and sip on a couple of MaiTai's, or Margaritas.

While that sounds to some of you like a fun idea, that routine was destroying her health.

And she was aware of it. 

So, I made her a drink with lots of Fresh Lemon, Ginger, Raw Honey and red peppers.

At first she thought it was really strong but then she took a second sip and said it was like sipping on Lemoncello, or a strong liquor minus the alcohol. 

From that point on I have been making her this spicy, zingy, zesty drink and it has helped not only to keep the drinking cravings away, but with her digestion, mood, skin and overall health.

And since I was making her some every night, I would make extra and share it with friends.

Soon enough my friends were asking me if they could buy them by the twelve packs.


 808 elixirs are made to order from the best locally sourced and organic ingredients.  

Each elixir is hand produced specially for you without  using preservatives or any additives.

So please allow 24-48 hours from the moment you place your order to receive your Elixirs. Please contact us via phone to expedite the process.

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